Boudoir Photography – Christine, A Natural Light Natural Beauty

This shoot, a gift for a very lucky man, gave me an opportunity to capture exactly what was put before me, natural beauty. We worked for just over two hours, lit completely with natural light streaming through the windows, and captured some fantastic moments.



Portrait Photographs – Andi

Any excuse I can make to get my wife all dressed up in my favorite of her dresses and take pictures in an interesting location, I do it. These were taken in the storage area for Architectural Anarchy in Chicago.


Boudoir Photography – Vintage Steph

Having worked with Stephanie multiple times in the past for reasons varying from modeling, to work portraits, I was thrilled when she said she wanted some boudoir shots. While she’s shy about letting too many of these get out, she was happy to let me showcase a vintage look on my favorite from the shoot.


Film Poster Shoot – Mark

Mark came in at the behest of CNGM Pictures for a photo shoot for an upcoming film’s poster. After we got through the intial poster shoot, we let loose. This is my favorite photo from the shoot!


Boudoir Portraits – Michelle

Michelle came to me with a very specific request, sexy portraits for her boyfriend for his upcoming birthday. “…and he really likes Indiana Jones…” So, along those lines, I had a firm idea of what they’d be, and how I’d use the leather jacket, hat, and whip to best effect. We developed the shoot from there, and using all natural light put together a wonderful collection of photos that everybody was thrilled with, ESPECIALLY the birthday boy!


Glamour & Boudoir Portraits – Lisa

Lisa came to me with a tantalizing proposal, an almost empty, fully furnished mansion south of Chicago to do what we wanted in. She had some ideas of the direction she wanted to go, but trusted me with figuring out the course of our session. With so many interesting areas of the house, including multiple bedrooms, a full spa bathtub, a home theater and a wine cellar, we had no shortage of ideas, and time always moves so quickly!

makeup by Rock Candy Stylist


Pin Up Portraits – Michelle

“Can you make me Rosie the Riveter?” The request was simple, but not one I’d heard before. While I’d regularly looked to the great pin up artists Vargas and Elvgren for ideas, I’d never done a faithful reproduction of a pin up I’d seen. Through careful planning (and the wonders of Photoshop!) we came to the below result. Then, with time to spare, we thought we’d get some fun pin up poses in as well. Delightful!

makeup by Rock Candy Stylist


Pin Up Calendar Photography – Stephanie

Stephanie and I worked together to come up with the idea of this pin up calendar. It was something we both wanted, her for her boyfriend and me for promotion of my photography work. Our shoot was a wonderful experience, then the painstaking Photoshop work transformed the digital pictures into relics of an analog age with offset printing, REAL airbrushing, and worn pages. This calendar is one of my proudest achievements, and I could not have done it without such a patient and wonderful woman.


Pin Up Portraits – Merissa

Merissa was born to be a pin up. Upon her arrival, we looked through our accessory collection and her own ample collection and went with a very traditional style of pin ups, implying far more than we were showing.

makeup by Rock Candy Stylist


Pin Up Portraits – Melissa

Melissa told me that she has never felt she looked good in any pictures that have ever been taken of her, and for her birthday wanted to do something nice for herself and try a sexy shoot to get “one good picture.” I immediately saw this for the challenge it was and accepted. She was a natural, and once she got into her sexy outfits, I saw a playful side of her that was immensely photographable. After seeing the pictures, she gushed that not only had I gotten her that “one good picture” but the entire shoot was full of them! I smiled about a job well done.

makeup by Rock Candy Stylist